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to >>> a massive search under way for two u.s. navy troops who disappeared in a militant strong hold. the taliban say they have killed one of the service members and taken the other one prisoner. it's happening in the eastern part of the country, 60 miles or so in the capital. the americans left their compound on friday. it's not clear why they travelled to a particularly dangerous region. the man hunt continues this morning for a reward being offered for any information leading to their return. u.s. troops are facing dire threats of nuclear attack from north korea. this threat comes as american forces kick off joint military exercises with south korea. the secretive communist regime serious or are they rattling their sabers. let's bring in mike live from the white house. all of the exercises are getting the north's attention, certainly. is that what the plan was all along. >> you asked if the north was serious not without justification. you have the bluster making the threats to try to get attention and aid for the starving population. it's defined and never more so back in mar
american. those talks are going nowhere, and quite frankly, the u.s. government says they do not negotiate for the release of terrorist hostages. what were the two sailors up to? driving alone first of all in kabul in one of their up-armored vehicles and ending up so far away from the capital city and their compound? that question won't be answered until probably if and when one of those sailors come back. >> nothing like interpreting some orders that could have taken them down the wrong path? is there any speculation that they could have been on some sort of assignment? >> some officials i've talked to, and my experience in ckabul and throughout afghanistan, it would be highly unusual if not impossible for one vehicle to be traveling alone without some kind of backup. all the convoys i've ever been involved in, have involved at least three vehicles. heavily armored, heavily armed, for protection. now, these two did work at various compounds, even worked at the afghan training facility which is some distance from the major compounds there inside kabul. they weren't doing that on friday, bu
>>> next on msnbc sunday. the search -- nato forces go looking for two u.s. sailors missing in afghanistan since friday. >>> going to extremes -- temperatures are soaring and flood waters are raging. live reports coming up. >>> coming and going -- crews return to the gulf as the bp guy may get the heeve-ho. president obama receives a young girl's letter and inspires her to lead the fight against bullying. let's check out what's happening right now. we have developing news from the war front this morning. two american sailors are missing in afghanistan. a taliban spokesman said one was taken in a fire fight, the other taken by militants. what's the latest, jim? >> the latest report from afghanistan now from afghan officials who claim that the u.s. military has recovered the body of one of the missing americans. but u.s. military officials cannot confirm that. there's still a lot of confusion out there about what exactly happened. all we know is the two americans went missing on friday when they were driving from one compound to another. they're inside kabul. they ended up som
cooperating with the taliban. documents show u.s. special opposite forces targeted militants without trial. records detail multiple civilian deaths at the hand of coalition troops that were previously unreported. the wikileaks honcho charged the documents appear to indicate war crimes. >> it's clear it will shape an understanding of what the past six years of war has been like and the course of the war needs to be changed. >> the white house, great britain's government and pakistan have condemned the released of those classified documents. afghan government says it's shocked, but the information is mostly old. nbc news national investigative correspondent michael isikoff joins me now. what is most damaging to the american administration's in terms of these released documents? >> i think the details about the pakistani intelligence services cooperation with elements of the taliban and the hakani it in work. these are enemies of the united states and afghanistan, enemies of the cia. we've been trying to kill these people. what the documents show, reflects long-standing concerns by many eleme
>>> next on "msnbc sunday," the search. nato forces looking for two u.s. sailors missing in afghanistan since friday. >>> wild weather, soaring temperatures and torrential rains. live reports coming up. >>> coming and going. the bp guy may be getting the heave-ho, and crews return to the gulf. >>> and people have saved pets given up by people all along the gulf coast. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. welcome to "mfrpsnbc sunday." what is happening out there. >>> developing news from afghanistan. a massive manhunt under way for two american sailors missing in the war zone. a taliban spokesman says one killed in a fire fight, the other taken prisoner by militants. let's bring in jim miklaszewski. what is the latest here. is this confirmation on the stat discu us and claims. >> according to u.s. military officials, no. all of this is coming from afghan officials. some of the has proven reliable. some not. the first order of business as you mentioned is the intensive search for the two missing sailors. in that area of logar province, 80 miles south of kabul, where this
, including u.s. troops overseas. as we reported yesterday, vice president joe biden has made a surprise visit to the american forces in iraq. biden is there working to end a political stalemate ahead of the planned withdrawal of u.s. combat forces. andrea mitchell is traveling with the vice president. good morning. >> reporter: alex, good morning. happy fourth of july to you from baghdad, where vice president joe biden and his wife, jill, are naturalizing 153 u.s. troops who are becoming u.s. citizens today. what better day to do it than on july 4th. also a serious mission here, political and diplomatic. the vice president is trying to push the iraqis all of the factions that have been arguing since election four months ago, trying to push them toward a permanent government. the importance of that is that the u.s. combat mission is scheduled to end on august 31st. and a troop draw-down of u.s. forces to 50,000. currently it's 82,000. still, optimistic, the vice president says that everything is proceeding on that timetable. officials traveling with him say that the combat mission will be turn
is condemning the leaks saying lives have been put at risk. the u.s. military desperately tries to find two navy sailors who is believed to have been captured by the taliban. still a lot of unanswered questions about what happened to the two sailors. >> still not much new this morning. a massive search is underway looking for these two missing sailors. still unclear how they drove from kabul and ended up in what u.s. military officials called the heart of taliban territory where officials say they were involved in a shoot out. one was apparently killed and is another is in custody. u.s. officials can't confirm that. the search goes on. the big concern is that the taliban will take them into pakistan where they will be well out of the military's reach. >> let's get back to the 90,000 plus koumts. what's the reaction there at the pentagon? >> the reaction here from the administration actually is focused on what most interests the u.s. and that is the claims in these documents. evidence according to some officials that there were direct links and that the pakistani government officials and per happ
battle ground for u.s. troops in afghanistan. we're talking to one expert who says the intelligence leaks are more damaging than suicide bombings. and from the rig explosion that killed 11 people to the oil spill that damaged a way of life for thousands of coastal neighborhoods, the crisis reaches day 100 and a new criminal investigation is under way. hello, i'm chris jansing. and less than 12 hours before arizona's controversial anti-immigration law was to go into effect, a judge has ruled to block the most controversial parts of it. still, protestors have been gathering in arizona. at least one sheriff there plans to go ahead with a planned round-up of illegals, and more court battles are sure to follow. pete williams joins us now. and pete, give us the headlines for this ruling. >> you know, this ruling is based on one thing that was not at the -- originally the main argument against him. what opponents said was this would force police to engage in racial profiling. the judge said this would preempt federal law, so the judge put a hold on the enforcement of the law while this issue ca
secret u.s. documents, a whistle blowing website might possess. >>> terrifying drop. the pictures of a toddler falls three stories from an apartment building but amazingly he is okay. >>> chelsea's big day. the former first daughter gets hitched in new york. we have new details about the wedding which are emerging this morning. we're there live for you. >>> the story from behind bars. a new report talks about what life is like in jail for lindsay lohan. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. welcome to this, the last day of july. >>> developing right now, pakistani officials say more than 800 people have been killed over this past week alone after record-breaking floods in the region. joining me now from london, nbc's tazin ahmed. they're pretty extraordinary. what are you learning? >> reporter: they are extreme conditions, alex. death toll is at least 800 at the moment. those figures are expected to rise. large areas approving to be inaccessible and more rain is expected. now hundreds of thousands have been forced from homes and up to a million according to the u.n. have been aff
today, but what is the legacy of the u.s. team from this year's tournament? >>> real-life drama, hollywood stars are taking their acts to courtrooms near you. why do so many have run-ins with the law? >>> good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. welcome to "msnbc sudden." developing right now, after two years on the run, allegedly stealing cars, boats and planes, gaining fame and fans along the way, police have finally caught up with the 19-year-old known as the barefoot bandit. colton harris-moore was arrested in the wee hours this morning in the bahamas, he's been on the run since 2008 when he left a halfway house in washington. he crashed a plane last week in the bahamas and police picked him up after a boat chase in harbor island. nbc's peter alexander is in the bahamas and joins us on the phone with how all this went down. good morning, peter. >> good morning to you. that chase apparently, according to bahamian police, happened on a boat. they were chasing him by boat today when they ultimately arrested colton harris-moore. he is the so-called barefoot bandit, according to au
for probably four people who were convicted in russia of spying for the u.s. four people considered high value by the u.s. that we want to get back. one unresolved question here is what happens to the minor children of these ten and i just don't know what the answer to that will be, whether they'll stay here or whether they'll go back with their parents. i don't believe that when their parents get to russia they will be under any obligation to serve any time in incarceration, it may be that the judge will simply sentence them to time served which will be what, 11 days and they will be free to leave russia. once they agree to plead guilty, it's not really they choice. >> people are very curious for a number of reasons about this, the intrigue and so on and so forth, but can you at least tell us who would be behind the rapid speed of this transfer? is it the white house? who's pushing for this to happen to quickly? >> well, i think you can say very high level in both the russia and the u.s. governments. while this is following all the rules in the justice department, in the federal courts it's m
shukrijumah. the u.s. has a $5 million bounty out for him. he's one of the al qaeda operational leaders. he's believed to be linked to this case and there's concern about him. he's still on the loose, and four others also named in the criminal charges handed up today. >> so much has changed in our perception of 9/11 about al qaeda. we know there are all these tentacles that go out there. in some cases we've focused on other group, but what does this tell us if anything about al qaeda and its power within the united states. >> i think it does two things. one, that overseas, there's certainly a structure in place and there's great concern that they're still trying to carry out attacks here in the u.s., here in new york. there have been 11 attempts since 9/11 here in new york. and they remain concerned that whether it's the lone wolf or whether it's al qaeda itself-inspired plot that it's a pa main concern. but the drone strikes that the cia efforts have disrupted the network there. they may not be as capable so they wind up with not as sophisticated operatives trying to off bombs in plots tha
converted and it actually came into u.s. waters about a week ago last friday and couldn't have been used earlier. it's just manufactured and brought into the gulf. >> one of the things that the guy in charge of this company says is that it can produce 15 million gallons of oily water a day. seems like a tremendous amount. do you think it can really hit that number? >> well, i'd be very surprised if it hits that number. that's the theoretical capacity. that assumes calm water and thick oil all the time. but even if you're getting 10%, that's a big step in the right direction and it can work 24 hours a day on scene, all the time. doesn't have to worry about the heavy weather. may not allow it to collect oil as effectively as calm weather but the ship doesn't have to come in and if properly managed, can be skimming 24 hours a day. i have hopes to help an awful lot in getting oil off the surface offshore before the oil comes on shore and causes more damage. >> professor, since we heard a little barking there at the beginning, man's best friend, obviously, what kind of dog do you have? >> it
-life james bond plot. the u.s. and russia involved in a 14-person spy swap, and it all happened in the blink of an eye. >>> and then the big announcement. >> this is very tough. i'm going to take my talents to the beach and join the miami heat. >> it didn't look like it was very tough. miami might be welcoming lebron james with open arms, but cleveland is disowning its onetime favorite son. there goes that lebron jersey. and wait till you hear the reaction from the owner of the cleveland cavaliers who called lebron narcissistic, self-promotional, selfish, cowardly and then really laid down the gauntlet. ♪ alejandro, alejandro >>> and new york city going ga ga over the lady herself. good friday morning. i'm chris jansing live from msnbc world headquarters in new york. and we begin with the riot out in oakland, california. angry mobs flooding the streets, smashing windows and looting stores. their anger sparked after a white transit cop was convicted on a lesser charge in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man last year. more than 80 people were arrested overnight, some caught in the act
that a russian convicted of spying for the u.s. has now arrived in veania. it could be a signal that american and russian officials are preparing for the largest spy swap since the cold war. the trade would involve the u.s. giving up ten people last week accused of being russian spies in the state. pete williams joins us now from washington. pete, a lot of people are making a big deal about how fast this is all going. >> well, that is a big deal because just yesterday they were all hustled up to new york, the ten defendants. some of them were in new york already and the three from virginia and two from massachusetts were quickly sent to new york. their court hearings cut short for a hearing this afternoon at 2:45. now, this technically is the type of hearing you'd have when an indictment was filed but that was filed very quickly in this case after the initial charges were brought. so, under the federal rules, this would be their first chance to plead in federal court and if they're going to be guilty pleas, as the signs increasingly point, then this would be the first opportunity for them. as
, will be able to form a government. you know, the context of this, lynn, of course, is that u.s. forces are drawing down and that they continue on schedule. there will be no combat forces left there by the end of the next month. it's a little ironic that vice president biden was there promoting this unity government. it was senator biden before the 2008 election who first put forward the idea of partial or sort of quasi partition of iraq among the kurds, shiites and sunnis and now the fourth visit as vice president to iraq trying to encourage these leaders, prime minister, others, president to get it to get it together and form the government. when he was there, of course, he met with u.s. troops at a mess hall there. a dining hall. he was there, also, to attend a naturalization ceremony. there you see it there with general odierno. they wear the uniform and now -- shaking hands at that moment becoming u.s. citizens on the fourth of july. there was that scare. we should mention, lynn, when there were explosions. some sort of projectile hitting the ground within the green zone. the very
sleeper agents have been sent back to russia. in exchange, the u.s. is receiving four men accused by moscow of spying for the west. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams is live for us in washington. pete, i've been watching you cover this thing minute by minute. i don't know how you can catch your breath. this has happened so quickly. >> reporter: well, and it's all over now. the plane carrying the ten russians from u.s. landed in vienna. they got off, landed, the four from russia landed in vienna earlier today. that plane has landed in the united kingdom where those four agents accused -- convicted of spying for the u.s. and western agencies in russia will be deep death briefed by british and american officials before some of them, probably not all of them, eventually come to the u.s. but that's a ways away. they'll stay a while in the uk for this rest period. so it's finally over, tamron. now some of the ten, at least one of them, at least, will not stay in russia. that is what their lawyers say. at least one of them, originally from peru, intends to go back to peru and the
in on north korea, ramping up threats to south korea as well as the u.s. in fact, north korean leaders are threatening a nuclear response to war games involving the u.s. and south korea. those military exercises, slated to take place tomorrow. now this is the latest threat also coming on the heels of the deadly sinking of a south korean warship. seoul and washington implicated north korea in the sinking of that vessel. joining us is military analyst jack jacobs. jack, why would north korea want to throw out these threats to the south and also to the u.s. if they're saying that they deny having anything to do with the sinking? >> sometime they do things and sometimes they don't do things. but they're very, very blij rent. i think the leadership basic willy is out of their minds, completely. this is the same country which in 1950 invaded south korea for -- with no provication. they sank the ship with no provication a couple weeks ago. a very, very difficult to gauge. and they have nuclear weapons. i think any threat that north korea throws out there out to be taken seriously. >> but the
and that would be the u.s. part of the spy swap, the russians would send then people here to the u.s. we don't know exactly how many would be sent to the u.s. in return. in cold war style spy swap. but it certainly does appear that, you no he, the plea negotiations are -- have moved ahead sufficiently that they can try to get this done this afternoon when the ten appear in federal court. >> all right. we'll be watching for that court hearing, as i said, later this afternoon. pete, thank you. >> you bet. >> my big question today, is russia a bigger threat than we realize. share your thoughts on twitter, facebook or e-mail if you have thoughts about how the spy swap is going or memories of cold war, go ahead, give me a shout. >>> part of a global plot targeting other countries. the attorney general called that plot one the most dangerous since 9/11. it was part of a larger conspiracy by al qaeda that included a plan to target mass transknit england and we're getting new details this hour about arrests in norway. first, the three under arrest are suspected members of al qaeda, second, police sa
division as well as the u.s. attorney's office here in san francisco and the fbi to see if this warrants federal prosecution. >> we understand that there was also a car vandalized in tacoma, washington, there were also incidents in portland, oregon with people reacting. as we mentioned, the oakland police department and the mayor are due to hold a news conference any time now. let's bring in california congresswoman barbara lee who represents oakland. congresswoman, thank you for being with us. >> first let me say this, like everyone, i am really frustrated, saddened and outraged. if you look at the video and you know what took place, this to me is a glaring example of the need to reform our criminal justice system. and that is something we have been working on for years and years and years. it is important that we understand that criminal justice reform has to happen and it has to happen quickly to avoid circumstances such as this. i have been in touch with the department of justice for many months now, and i'm confident that they're going to move forward with their independent and thor
. >>> hot too found south and let's get up to speed on the oil spill in the gulf. the u.s. navy has now deployed a blimp it says can cover a wider area than a helicopter in an effort to monitor the scope of the spill. weather conditions will keep the blimp from arriving until friday. with tar balls washing ashore in texas, every state along the gulf coast has now seen oil arrival on its beaches and marshes. rough seas kept boats docked off the coast of florida and louisiana. the giant skimmer ship a whale needs more testing. they have really had high hopes for that a whale ship. >>> in the meantime, president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu are denying a rift between the two, following an hour-long meeting, as important for friendship as for the actual conversation. the focus was on broad subjects, but both have said they support face to face talks with the palestinians. >> i believe that prime minister netanyahu wants peace, i think he's willing to take risks for peace and during our conversation, he once again reaffirmed his willing to engage in serious negotiation
is one of the four bridges to across between the u.s. and mexico. that's the only one still closed for pedestrian foot traffic. two of the three bridges closed this morning, two have reopened including the world trade bridge, where half of all mexican commerce and trade passes between the countries. the river crested last night. the highest level in 45 years that you mentioned. third highest crest on record. the flood stage is 8 feet. as the water re-credes we get to say what it is leaving behind. a little bit of rain today but then back to texas weather. 95 to 100 and sunny skies. today is nice and refreshing, not bad on the ramp to the river which should be going into a shopping mall. >>> bp could change out the cap on the leaking well tomorrow. the obama administration says cold weather could speed up the plans to get a new cap on. it could contain more oil but means oil will flow unrestricted for a period of time while they make the switch. volunteers are moving 50,000 sea turtle eggs from the west coast of florida to the east coast. they want to give them a fighting chance at
south where the two sailors reportedly strayed from their base and is ended up in what u.s. military officials say was the heart of taliban country may have been killed according to afghan and taliban resours. the accounts cannot be confirmed from the taliban or the afghan officials so they continue the hunt. the biggest concern is that the taliban may take the two sailors into pakistan which would then be well out of the u.s. military's reach. >> let's talk about this major intelligence hemorrhage. put this into perspective on us. >> well the sheer volume of the leak, 90 plus thousand documents is absolutely astounding and as we are hearing now from u.s. milita military. >>> and claims, not only claims but documented proof that former members or members of the pakistani intelligence agency were not only cooperating with but supporting taliban attacks. that has lessened somewhat. never the less, this will fuel the wait here in washington about whether this afghanistan war is winnable or even worth it. >> thank you. the obama administration is slamming the release of the secret docume
sensitive information on afghan informants critical to the u.s. mission in afghanistan. "the times" spent just two hours going through the wikileaks papers and found the name of dozens of afghans crafted with providing detailed intelligence to u.s. forces. this is the wikileaks co-founder yulian assange. >> if they are at risk, this would be because of a misclassification by the u.s. military itself. >> now, the pentagon has launched a full-blown investigation to try to find the source of those leaks. while investigators focus on private first class bradley manning, pentagon officials tell nbc news thousands of military and civilian personnel have exactly the same security clearance and could become the next wikileaks source. nbc mike viqueira is live at the white house for us. mike, the administration has been pldownplaying these leaks t this suggests the identities of dozens of afghan informants compromised. what are they saying about that? >> the last we heard is robert gibbs at the press briefing and yesterday we did hear from the president himself who emerged from a meeting with cong
that the u.s. is a trust worthy partner against the taliban. >>> the vacation is over for president obama who retreated to maine this weekend for a quick break from washington. the first family hiked and biked around arcadia national park and park rangers gave them a tour of a historic white house. on the president's agenda, returning to washington this week, a meeting with the prime minister of britain tuesday. wednesday the president will sign the financial reform bill that the senate passed thursday, he will sign that into law. watching for that. and house democrats say they had a great meeting with the president last week. democrats across the board they say are all on the same page a week after white house press secretary robert gibbs said it's possible democrats lose the house majority in november. >> this is the distinction between a mathematical possibility and a probability. we have said all along this is going to be a very tough political election for all the reasons people have said. but we've also said at the end of the day we're confident we're going to retain a majority in the h
view" instead of taking the time to visit the u.s./mexico border. here's a sneak peek of her new book. >>> well, palin may be today's conservative flavor of the moment, but another major right winger hasn't mellowed with age. conservative activist phyllis schlafly. with talking points memo this is what she said, "all welfare goes to unmarried moms." she also linked single women, obama and welfare saying, "unmarried moms are trying to position their constituency for the president and the democrats against republican candidates." >>> could be the wedding of the century, centuries young, but that's what they're saying and it's happening tomorrow. secret details on chelsea clinton's big day won't be secret any more. we've got them in three minutes. >>> time for your business entrepreneur of the week. former long beach police officer tom lane knew stealing with stolen property took up law enforcement's valuable time. working with the departments to auction stolen goods online things like electronics, sports equipment and even a coffin. for more, watch your business on msnbcp. [ animals cal
believe it, the only major problem facing bp today. a group of u.s. senators want to know if the oil giant made a despicable deal. that the lockerbie bomber was set free so bp could profit from drilling off the libyan coasts. the senators from new york and new jersey are demanding an investigation into bp's dealings with libya. this is the question. was there some sort of deal, quid pro quo? bp signed a $900 million exploration agreement with libya in the same month that britain and libya inked a memorandum of understanding that paved the way for the convicted bomber's release from a scottish prison. at the same time, bp said it told british officials to quickly seal the prisoner transfer agreement with libya, but did not mention him by name. >> if bp is found to have gained access to libyan oil reserves by using a mass murderer as a bargaining chip, then make no mistake, any money it makes off of that oil is blood money, pure and simple. >> this man's brother's tom was killed when the plane was blown out of the sky in 1988. what was your reaction? >> it's been 21 years. i thought i have s
that looked just like that five years ago in virginia. >>> u.s. prosecutors warn evidence unveiled in the alleged russian spy ring case is just, quote, the tip of the iceberg. nine of ten suspects faced bail hearings yesterday. the judge denied bail for the suburban new jersey couple who went by the names richard and cynthia murphy. but the manhattan court approved bail for vickie palez who works for a newspaper. and we're getting new images of anna chapman, she's the young woman who grabbed all the headlines since this story broke this weekend. the mi-5 is investigating any contact she might have had with their agents. bob winter joins us with the latest. so what is this connection with the british? did she have a british passport. >> she had a british pass port, but there's also some indication we were hearing earlier this week that the actual initialive on this ring came from a defector to somebody in the uk, i have heard both through british intelligence and also through the u.s. embassy. so there is some sort of british connection, we're not concern what it is, but there's cer
of july holiday and that includes u.s. troops overseas. as reported yesterday, vice president joe biden is making a surprise visit to american forces in iraq. vice president's there working to ina political stalemate ahead of the planned withdrawal of u.s. combat forces. nbc new chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell is traveling with the vice president. andrea joining us live by phone. another good morning to you. what's on the agenda for you and the vice president today? >> reporter: the vice president is meeting now with with the leader of the government, maliki, one of the contenders to become prime minister, this after another meeting with his rival, allawi. so, meeting the two fractions, coming up with an agreement months after the election, there's a dispute over how to form the government. they say that everything is on track to have a withdrawal of u.s. troops by august 31st. and at that point, we will be down to 50,000 trop troops. from talking to the troops today, an many as we've seen, the vice president was having lunch with them as jill biden, his wife, with h
the war in afghanistan became the longest war in u.s. history, surpassing the conflict in vietnam. >>> a major discovery at ground zero today in new york. a relic which appears to be a ship dating from the 18th century was found by workers at the world trade center site in lower manhattan. the 32-foot long hull, timber samples will be sent to a laboratory to help get a sense of exactly when the boat was built. archaeologists are racing to record and analyze the ship before the delicate wood now exposed to air begins to deteriorate. >>> it's been dormant for 75 years, and a dangerous infection hits a popular florida tourist destination. experts say warning, this could spread north. we'll tell you what it is ahead. >>> another brand new explosive audiotape reportedly of actor mel gibson lashing out at his ex-girlfriend and there are new accusations that gibson injured their baby. if this case is is domestic violence, how do you address it? we'll be right back. tlemen, the 57th president of the united states. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ bell rings ] ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t. the nation's fastes
believe this plot is a lot like plans in europe and the u.s., including last year's attack on the subway system. it's not clear if the suspects had selected their targets, but their were attempted to build those bombs. >>> coast guard crews searched all night and still out on the delaware river right now looking for two hungarian tourists missing in a tragic crash. take a look at some of these pictures from yesterday's frantic rescue after a duck boat collide would the barge and sank, forcing most of the 37 passengers to jump into the river. 11 people were rushed to hospitals and now the ntsb is taking over the investigation. nbc stephanie gosk is in philadelphia and what is the latest there? >> good morning, chris. the ntsb is taking over the investigation. the coast guard is the lead organization in the search and they tell us this morning in a press conference that this is still a search and rescue operation. they worked through the nights on boats looking for these two unaccounted for passengers and today they're controlling the banks of the river also trying to find them. they did,
weekend. across the u.s., preparations underway for huge celebrations and scorching temperatures. those details all ahead. >>> mountain mystery, a climber vanishes in thin air 14,000 feet up. he left some traces. is it enough for searchers to track? >>> inside the spy case, new documents show how long u.s. investigators were on the trail of the alleged russian spies. and the ex-husband of one suspect is talking. >>> under fire, calls for the head of gop to resign calling from inside his own party. what michael steele has said about afghanistan and why it has generated so much anger. >>> good morning, everyone, i'm alex whit, we have all that in just a moment for you. but first, we are beginning with strong new words this morning from president obama as the sputtering economic recovery struggles to find new jobs. the latest data on friday shows overall unemployment dropped to 9.5%. but private employers added only 83,000 jobs last month. the president used his weekly address to step up pressure on republicans who are blocking unemployment benefits over concerns about spending. >> well, a
. jill biden. both of them there to visit u.s. troops for the fourth of july weekend. it so happens they're also -- there are key members of congress visiting both iraq and afghanistan this weekend. he's going to be meeting with them, obviously. he's going to be meeting with the leaders of iraq and the prime minister. all of this ahead of the scheduled troop drawdown. everything going relatively well and on schedule as far as the u.s. military drawdown is concerned. continuing a pace, he's -- he is. there we don't know how many days and a lot of these events, they keep it hush-hush, alex. there is a press contingent traveling with him. but they're swarn to secrecy until he arrives in country. they don't give us details about who he's meeting with and when he's meeting with them and in particular where he's meeting with them. the security situation while improved over the last couple of years is still not to the point where they can go out with trumpets blaring and tell us all these things ahead of imtime. but at any rate, vice president biden there with dr. jill biden meeting iraqi offic
in 2009 during a pilgrimage to saudi arabia. he repeatedly claimed the u.s. abducted him. the u.s. denies it. we're showing you iranian state tv video where a guy identified as amiri claims he was being tortured in the united states, but a different video shows him admitting to studying here. the u.s. says that the videos prove that he was living here freely and will be allowed to return to iran freely. >>> new information today about missing kyron horman. was his step mother having a relationship with a neighbor down the street and does it have anything to do with the boy's disappearance? >>> and the iroquois may help the sport of lacrosse and play in separate tournaments, but a visa dispute could force them to miss the biggest tournament of all, the world lacrosse championships. they join us ahead. [ bleep ] >> you understand that? because i'm capable of it! do you understand that? >> mad as mel. new recordings reportedly of the actor lashing out at the mother of his baby. >>> plus, we're waiting for president obama to announce his choice for a new budget director. live coverage ahead o
plant and a gm plant and here is what he had to say. >> you now have all those u.s. auto companies showing a profit. they've rehired 55,000 workers. >> reporter: and, alex, of course the president this week, he has more fund-raising on the schedule coming up. he's going to be going to atlanta. he's going to be going to chicago. he'll be making speeches around that. the focus from here on out to november is going to be the economy. the president hammering home the fact that he's taken some unpopular steps that are bearing fruit. a lot of republicans are saying, look at the scoreboard, mr. president, 9.5% unemployment, slow gdp growth, where are the grounds and that is where this election battle will be fought. >> yeah. just a little glitch there but you handled that very well. just got a little -- >> reporter: interesting. >> no worries. got you covered. >>> president obama says he's concerned about the ethics charges facing congressman charlie rangel. rangel denies the 13 charges, which include tax and disclosur. perhaps september, right at the election season gears up. >>> firefig
commander of u.s. and nato forces in afghanistan arrived in kabul to take on his new role today. general david petraeus is trying to reassure allies that the war against the taliban is on track. a formal change of command ceremony will be held in the next few days. petraeus' arrive comes on the same day six suicide bombers struck an aid compound in northern afghanistan. at least four people died in that attack. >>> months after the murder of a virginia college student, police are making a killer connection. details on this big break in the case coming up in just a moment. >>> then, the strictest handgun law in the u.s. has just been approved. we'll tell you where. >>> plus, how some divorce lawyers are hitting the jackpot thanks to facebook. but first, a look at some of america's bravest men and women as we celebrate our freedom and independence on this july fourth american. ♪ i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ and i won't forget the men who died ♪ gangs were prevalent. violence was all over. families were falling apart. you can't raise children in a c
against u.s. forces a short time ago, white house press secretary robert gibbs said that while the president is not happy with the leaks t white house is well aware of the challenging in afghanistan. >> nobody's here to declare mission accomplished. you have not heard that phrase uttered or admitted by us be as a way of saying that everything's going well. we got involved in h region of the world after september 11 and for years and years and years, this area was neglected, it was under resourced it was under funded. >> savannah guthrie is live at the white house. and savannah, gibbs seems to be taking this opportunity to blame the bush for what happened in the past, is the white house more upset about this as he would seem to be indicating? >> i think they're very upset about the leak, they're very angry at the website wikki leaks which has taken it upon themselves to publish these documents by a member of the u.s. military. so they're extremely concerned about the leak, on one hand they say it has damaged national security. on the other hand, the white house, the pentagon, al
the release of megrahi, the u.s. government was against that, the uk government originally was against it but after lobbying for bp and pushing by the libyans, the uk government agreed to a prisoner transfer agreement that would include megrahi. now at the end of the day, the scotts say they made their decision to release him not on the basis of the prisoner transfer agreement, but on a completely separate track, compassionate release and that's the grounds on which he was released. so the british government is saying, and you heard prime minister cameron saying it today, look, bp's lobbying on this didn't play a role, the scotts made the decision, they made the decision for other reasons. >> so if there is another investigation, libya will probably not send back megrahi, so what's the next step? >> the next step is the senate hearing where we will hear more about what i think a lot of people are going to find to be unpleasant and unsavory lobbying by bp on the british government in order to sign an oil deal. an agreement that allowed for the release of a convicted terrorist. now a lot
in the u.s. military, not a political one. he was in baghdad at the time he allegedly downloaded or mishandled this classified material. and in the military, it is the responsibility of that individual's command to prosecute anyone who faces criminal charges. his military command currently remains in iraq. so when it's time for him to be, if he is, court-martialed, he would go to iraq to face that court-martial. but in the meantime, if his command is redeployed back to the united states, that is when bradley manage would be transferred back to the united states. so it's more about the military criminal process than it is about any kind of political actions or retribution. >> thank you, jim miklaszewski live for you at the pentagon. >>> the body of a u.s. sailor missing in afghanistan since last week will arrive at dover air force base tonight. the body of 30-year-old justin mcneilly was recovered after his army sufficient was seen driving into a taliban held area. the search continues today for another u.s. sailor who was with him who remains missing, nato is in fact offering a $
sensitive information on afghan informants who are critical to the u.s. mission in afghanistan. the times of london spent two hours going through the wiki leaks and found the names of dozens of afghans credited with providing detailed intelligence to u.s. forces. the cofounder. >> if there those names there and they are at risk, this would be the cause of the classification by the u.s. military. he is saying they should have been under highly classified information instead of high classification. the pentagon launched a full-blown investigation to find the source of the leaks while investigators focus on bradley manning. pentagon officials told us thens of military and civilian personnel have the same clearance. they could be wiki leaks fores now or in the future. >> rod blagojevich shifts to the hands of the jury today at his corruption trial. he never took the stand despite promises he would. john yang following the trial in chicago. here we are at the final stage. is there a prediction about how long it will take the jury to come back with a decision? >> reporter: it's hard to tell, co
of june, more than 100 nato troops were killed, the bloodiest month of the war. >>> in iraq, the u.s. has harnded over to the iraqis, the famous face of. tariq aziz, an important member of the inner circle is now in the hands of his own people. iraqi authorities will have to decide how to pursue justice against him. tomorrow the u.s. pulls out of the camp crosser, the last american-run detention facility in iraq. >>> make concern over the cap that was supposed to stop the leaking oil completely. not only have important tests been pushed back, but for now bp has also stopped drilling those relief wells, oil is still gushing freely. the hope was to slowly close the valves. if it's done too quickly it could backfire and the pressure could force leaks somewhere else. some experts say, you could see another oil explosion. mara schiavocampa is in venice, louisiana. why the delays? why are they pushing back things like the valve tests and relief wells? >> reporter: the reason that bp is giving is that they need to conduct further analysis, so they need to collect more information, but it does ra
the u.s. is pouring more military forces into those regions, particularly in the south and the capital, the spiritual capital of the kandahar, of the taliban in kandahar and they knew that the taliban was going to fight long and hard to preserve what ground they had there and that's what we're seeing now. in terms of a military solution, you know, with all due respect to senator kerry, military official os here will say that's been their mantra from the very beginning. there is, in fact, no military solution there. the military is onlyç trying t provide enough security to enough widespread areas of afghanistan so that some kind of governance and law and order can be put into place. the time frame on that, some people here in the pentagon are predicting anywhere three to five years, but they don't expect this level of violence to continue much beyond the first of the year this year. >> jim miklaszewski, thank you. >> okay, chris. >>> the barefoot bandit is behind bars in miami right now wearing socks and sandals, by the way. authorities say his mother is partly to blame for his action
harris-moore could be on the plane to the u.s. in less than an hour from now. the teenaged fugitive went before a judge only moments ago and pleaded guilty to a minor charge and was facing a slew of charges including weapons possession but he pleaded guilty to entering the bahamas without a passport. peter alexander is following the developments for us from nassau, bahamas, is that it? he now comes to the states to face charges? >> reporter: he can and after he pleaded guilty which was surprising to most of the reporters in the room, he was told by the judge that he had two choices, he could pay $300 or face three months in one of the prisons here in the bahamas. it is a tough spot and certainly something his attorney said is something he doesn't want to do. if they pay $300, the court clerk says he could be taken to a plane and extradited from the country almost immediately. right now we're working to get exact information on where he would be taken. he faces charges in at least eight states for what is said to be more than 100 crimes. when he walked into the courtroom, hs a big guy, he
u.s. automakers are operating at a profit. >> michael smerconish is a radio talk show host and an msnbc contributor. i want to get straight to what the columnist in the "detroit free press" said about the fact that chrysler is not only alive but profitable in a weak market after years of losing billions of dollars when car and truck sales were 50% higher, it looks like more than just a successful government intervention, it looks like a flat out miracle. what's your take? >> i have a lot of radio listeners that i would like to introduce that columnist to. i just concluded two programs where i heard from all sorts of folks when i framed the issue, did the ends justify the means? if the industry is getting paid back through the t.a.r.p. program, doesn't that mean that the programs were successful? and thomas you would be surprised perhaps to hear from so many people who say no, still we think it was a mistake on ideological grounds to which i responded and said behind closed doors, congress wasn't pursuing ideology and nor was the administration. it was all about putting out
about his days on the run. >>> and just this week, she said president obama was turning the u.s. into a "nation of slaves." new polls show congresswoman michele bachmann is in a tight race to keep her seat in congress and now some of her staffers are calling it quits. is the tea party darling in trouble? >>> we begin, of course, on day 86 of this gulf oil disaster. major new developments and placed on that gushing well are on hold as we speak and bp says it has stopped drilling the relief wells as a precaution. meantime, oil continues, as you see there, to gush freely into the gulf after the oil containment cap was removed saturday. there this comes after bp and government officials promise those key pressure tests on the new cap would begin yesterday. now, bp says its team of scientists, industry experts and government officials will meet at a mid-day conference today to decide the path forward. nbc mara joins us from venice, louisiana. mara, put this in perspective. this delay here. is this a sign of a problem or are they just being precautious here? >> well, tamron, it certai
of the daily rundown. >>> tensions are rising again along the u.s.-mexico border as the obama administration announced today the 12 how lo,2 national guard troops will -- the tough immigration law has resulted in six governors refusing to attend the governor's conference in phoenix. leaders from body sides of the border grapple with violence, gang murders, drugs and human smuggling. governor bill richardson now joins me live from albuquerque. sir, great to have you with us. let's start off first with the border conference, what commitment do you have? is everyone going to be coming to new mexico for this? >> we have the sex mexican governors and on the u.s. side, myself and governor schwarzenegger, publicly governor brewer of arizona and governor perry of texas have said they're not going to come. so it's going to be a little bit of a truncated conference, it's not going to last as long as we have before. but it's an important conference, because we have a lot of issues to discuss, border violence, drugs,ism gra immigra h1n1. it's important that we keep this 70-year conference going and i ag
. >> reporter: that requires overcoming years of distrust between the u.s. and pakistan. today she came baerg economic aid desperately needed here. still public opinion towards the u.s. remains negative, even hostile. >> we know there is some questioning and suspicion about what the united states is doing today. i can only respond by saying that very clearly we have a commitment that is much broader and deeper than it has ever been. >> she acknowledged frustration. again saying that elements in pakistan's government nowhere osama bin laden is and could get him if they wanted to in an interview with nbc news. do you still believe that? >> i do. i think there is a bit of a debate going on within certain elements of the pakistan government. our argument is very simple. look, you have got take on every non-governmental armed force inside your country because even though you think they bother you today there is no guarantee. it's like keeping a poisonous snake in your backyard. >> clinton said the british government has now told her there is no evidence that bp influenced the decide to release the
withdrawal was good for anything but domestic u.s. politics. it's a problem for us. >> let's check in there over at the white house. we are all waiting to see whether he would speak directly on the controversy. he chose not to use his name. what i found really interest something he used some of the names that were there in the article making a point saying general petraeus has a great relationship with hole brooke. he has a great relationship. what do you make of that? is. >> from the president on down they were going out of our way to say the policy hasn't changed and the white house let us know when the president was in the later meeting he said he wants all the pettiness and diversions to end. and i think what the vice president was saying was consistent with that message. the vice president very interestingly assured us that he has not yet diverted from the goals of the generals and the president himself has laid out. one hole that will try to be punched in the argument that he is making about the date being a carrot to the afghanees. you had better get yourself together becaus
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